We single-mindedly focus on creating a Winning Culture by creating an environment where leaders and managers are given skills and tools to teach, motivate and inspire each person in their charge – and so have the crucial skills,to create a high performance, high-profit organisation that has the best interest of everyone within it at heart.

Our research led us to four foundational skill sets that, when used in combination, creates a Winning Cultural Operating System and enables your organisation to CHANGE FOR GOOD.

We Offer Three Ways To Get You Started

1. Public Workshop

Individuals attend a prescheduled, public training workshop. Attend 18 hours of classroom time and be exposed to award-winning best practices.

2. In house Training

For the training option that best fits your organisation’s needs, one of our expert trainers delivers the programme at a venue of your choice.

3. International Trainer Certification

Individuals or trainers from your organisation become certified to teach the programme to others within the company.

Our Solutions

Crucial Conversation Solution

Crucial Conversations

Teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes topics.

Crucial Accountability Solution

Crucial Accountability

Teaches a step-by-step process to enhance accountability, improve performance and ensure execution by strengthening accountability of individuals and teams.

Influencer Solution


Teaches a powerful and portable model for changing behaviours – a model anyone can apply to drive systemic and sustainable change across the organisation.