Breakfast Presentation - The Death of Performance Reviews and the Birth of Leadership Conversations

Performance Management is recognised as an essential ingredient for business success, yet so many employees and managers alike deplore the experience. Feelings around the process range from fear and anxiety to annoyance and anger. Antiquated practices of annual reviews focused on obsolete and mismatched objectives, time delayed feedback and forced rankings result in more people being disillusioned, demoralised and disengaged. They are no longer relevant to the rapidly changing organisational environments and what today’s employees are seeking. How do we ditch this archaic exercise and replace it with something more worthwhile? Agile or Continuous Performance Management processes are replacing the annual review. These require on-going high quality conversations between leaders their employees and their teams, whereby objectives can be set and reviewed at intervals that match the dynamic tempo of the environments in which we work; immediate performance feedback given where necessary; and personal growth or career aspirations discussed.

In a recent study ( two-thirds of those surveyed rated their performance management system as average to very poor, indicating a desperate need to revamp or overhaul the entire process.

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