What gets in the way of leading culture change?

Executives bet on high-stakes culture change efforts that too often fail to deliver on their promise. In fact, failure rates of major projects and initiatives range from 72 to 91 percent. That’s because nine out of ten leaders rely on a single intervention to change entrenched behaviour.

Our research confirms that leaders who rely on a multifaceted approach to altering behaviour are up to ten times more successful at producing substantial and sustainable change. The Applied Influencer process is a culture change model that solves organisation’s most pressing problems through a workshop-driven consulting and coaching process directly involving leaders and informal leaders to drive and embed organisational culture change

The Process

The Process In a workshop-driven consulting process, leaders identify employees’ status quo behaviors that are misaligned with company strategy, outline the vital behaviors required for success, and develop a customized playbook for executing the desired change effort. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: One-day Influencer Lightbulb Session
First, leaders are introduced to the Influencer Model and learn how it can be applied to solve specific behavior challenges during a one-day session. In addition to core team members, other senior or embedded leaders are invited to join the session.

Step 2: Story Collector Process
Next, leaders isolate the behaviors that have the biggest risk to successful change by uncovering misaligned behavioral and cultural patterns. The process begins with a one-day design workshop that customizes a “story collector” tool to the specific challenge and audience. Patterns of similar stories reveal the significant underlying root-cause issues for the project team to tackle. These stories reveal both quantitative and qualitative measurements that help organizations pinpoint and measure the severity of problem areas. The story collection process can be done electronically or in person over a period of one to two weeks.

Step 3: One-day Vital Behavior Workshop
In a one-day workshop, leaders review the findings from the story collector and identify patterns of behavior that correlate to their organization’s problem areas. The team then identifies the crucial moments and specific behaviors that, if enacted, would reverse those disruptive behaviors.

Step 4: One-day Six Source Workshop
Leaders identify high-leverage strategies in each of the six sources of influence that both motivate and enable employees to adopt new vital behaviors.

Step 5: One-day Playbook Creation
The next step is for leaders to develop a custom playbook for their organization’s change effort—complete with the crucial moments, vital behaviors, and six-source strategies that will lead to their desired results. Playbook development is typically done in a one-day working session. The playbook is built for simultaneous strategy execution, where at least one strategy from each of the six sources is executed simultaneously.

Step 6: One-day Roadmap
Lastly, leaders create a timeline and identify resources to execute their playbook strategies. During a one-day working session, leaders develop a project roadmap that includes the resources, timeline, and dependencies of the execution of the various playbook strategies.

The Applied Influencer Process is:


  • A leader-led process.
  • Focused on real-time, urgent issues.
  • Flexible in delivery to accommodate executives’ schedules.
  • Adaptable to organisational timelines and key milestones.
  • Proven to lead to bottom-line results.

How Applied Influencer differs from Influencer Training:

  • Influencer Training is a two day skills based programme
  • Applied Influencer is a process where leadership / executive teams, partner alongside an experienced Influencer practitioner to apply the Influencer model to key organisational challenges to achieve custom strategies and action items to execute organisational goals.
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