The Human Edge now offers either Virtual Training, On-line On-Demand Training, or Live Face-to-Face training for a Changing World.

Learn the same great skills | Encourages social learning | Remote learning | Practical Applications | Bite-size learning

To meet the unique needs and demands of the modern learner, training solutions need to be engaging, accessible from any location, and most of all, effective. On all accounts, The Human Edge’s Virtual Training delivers. Our research shows 86 percent of participants rated Virtual Training training “just as engaging as” or “more engaging than” live classroom training. And when it comes to results, behaviour change from a virtual course was immediate. In fact, participants’ use of newly learned skills was no different between the Live Online and live classroom.

A Culture of Self Directed Change

Solves any individual behaviour challenge. Those with change anything skills are ten times more effective at starting good habits and stopping bad habits that lead to better results at work and at home (personal level).

A Culture of Open and Honest Conversations

Teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes topics. (Interpersonal Level)

A Culture of Accountability

Teaches a step-by-step process to enhance accountability, improve performance and ensure execution by strengthening accountability of individuals and teams. (Team Level)

A Culture of Intentional Influence

Teaches a powerful and portable model for changing behaviours – a model anyone can apply to drive systemic and sustainable change across the organisation. (Organisational Level)

A Culture of Systemic Change

This Process is a Culture Change Model involving leaders and informal leaders, to create, drive and embed organisational cultural change. (Organisational Level)

A Culture of Effectiveness Habits

The Power of Habit Training draws on the science of habit formation to help learners recognise the behaviours they should change and learn the skills to make new behaviours stick.

“The Power of Habit Training equips leaders with skills to coach individuals on their ineffective habits and help them build positive new ones” – training participant

At The Human Edge, we believe a winning culture creates an environment that embraces change, encourages open and honest conversations, holds one another accountable and influences people’s behaviour.


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