A Culture of Open and Honest Conversations

Teaches skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around high-stakes topics. (Interpersonal Level)

A Culture of Accountability

Teaches a step-by-step process to enhance accountability, improve performance and ensure execution by strengthening accountability of individuals and teams. (Team Level)

A Culture of Intentional Influence

Teaches a powerful and portable model for changing behaviours – a model anyone can apply to drive systemic and sustainable change across the organisation. (Organisational Level)

A Culture of Systemic Change

This Process is a Culture Change Model involving leaders and informal leaders, to create, drive and embed organisational cultural change. (Organisational Level)

At The Human Edge, we believe a winning culture creates an environment that embraces change, encourages open and honest conversations, holds one another accountable and influences people’s behaviour.


The Human Edge provides

proven skill sets and leader led solutions
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8-9 October 2019
DaVinci Hotel, Sandton
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Crucial Conversations Public Training Program

22-23 October 2019
DaVinci Hotel, Sandton
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Crucial Accountability Public Programme

6-7 November 2019
DaVinci Hotel, Sandton
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