The speed of innovation, the diversity of customers, the global market for talent, and the values of the Millennial workforce all demand different ways of working. Helene Vermaak, Director at The Human Edge – innovators in corporate training and organisational performance – says that in the past, leaders built ….


The New Year has kicked off, expectations are high for a successful year ahead. Helene Vermaak, Director at The Human Edge says that in her opinion, a sure-fire way to plot the successes of the year ahead is to focus on what was learnt over the course of the past twelve months. Vermaak says that in her time spent ….

Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change

Most chronic problems—from a corporation’s mediocre safety record to a stalled product release to ingrained cultural challenges—no matter how different they may appear at first glance, are actually the same problem. That’s right; most problems that resist our best attempts at solutions and then persist for years on end do so because we lack influence. More specifically, we lack the ability to change human behavior.

Everyday Influencer

Under the leadership of Patrice Putman, the corporate culture at MaineGeneral Health has been transformed from a culture of silence to a culture of candid and respectful dialogue.

Leaders Lack Influence

Most leaders put a great deal of time into crafting strategy, selecting winning products, and engaging with analysts and shareholders, but according to our research, only 6% of leaders are successful in influencing the behavior of the people who will have to execute...

The Great Generational Divide

VitalSmarts research show generational tensions are pervasive in corporate America. Specifically, more than 1 in 3 people waste 5 or more hours each week (12% of their work week) due to chronic, unaddressed conflict between colleagues of
different generations.